What’s new for Kitchen Designs this spring?

Excerpt: We may be in spring, at long last, but there isn't much of a spring in the step of the economy right now, so kitchen designs are following the safe and solid route of clean styles with neutral finishes. This offers the home owner longevity whilst updating their kitchens and bringing them into the 21

Make your Bathroom Special

Excerpt: The bathroom can be one of the harder rooms in the house to design creatively for two simple reasons. Firstly, it tends to be one of the smaller rooms in any home; and secondly, the necessary items for the room will take up a larger percentage of the available space. It is almost natural to treat

Turn your Bedroom into your Sanctuary

Excerpt: With the rigours of day to day life becoming ever greater, there is a requirement to have a room in your home that you can use to shut out the outside world and have as your little haven of peace and tranquillity. The bedroom falls perfectly into this category and people are taking advantage of the

11 Things to consider when re-designing your Kitchen

Excerpt: 1. Overall Objective Once the decision has been made to redesign your kitchen, you need to be very clear about what your overall objectives are. If your current kitchen design doesn’t work in the 21st Century, then try and pinpoint the issues you are having, as the clearer and more precise you ca

Design Tips and Ideas for your new Bathroom

Excerpt: 1. Overall Objective our bathroom is often the smallest room in the house but equally with the largest number of items that need to go into it. Make sure you map out exactly what your expectations are for your new bathroom before you start the refurbishment. 2. Construction Work It is possible to

Everything you need to know about Ovens.

Excerpt: Having given you ideas tips on how to re-design your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, we at Heart of the Home are now going to embark on a series of articles, looking in a bit more depth into the appliances and equipment that you will undoubtedly have in these rooms. We will be starting in the kitchen