Corian worktops

Corian Worktops

Before we go into the pros and cons of Corian worktops, it is important to know as to how this material is made. The main ingredients which are used to make this material are acrylic polymers and stone derived materials. These are mixed and poured into moulds to make sheets, which have a thickness of ½ inch. The best thing about this material is that, it is actually possible to order pre-cut lengths, according to the design of your kitchen.

CorianCorian WorktopsCorian


  • Available in different colours.
  • Free of seams which can easily see on other types of materials.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Non- porous- thanks to this any stain caused during cooking will not create any permanent damages also is protected from mildew, mould and bacteria growth.
  • Quick and inexpensive to repair simply sand out the mark and is good as new.


  • They have the ability to scratch.
  • Can be damaged by hot pans and vessels.
  • Very expensive.
Care for Corian worktops:

Never cut or chop on it always use a chopping board in order to avoid disappointment. Scratches like all materials will develop slight abrasion marks in normal daily use.
Boiling water will not damage, but avoid pouring into sink always advisable to run the cold water.
Avoid strong chemicals, such as paint removals, oven cleaner- if it happens quickly wash it off.
Heat resistant as with all worktop materials it is important to minimize direct heat exposer to protect the surface. Always use heat trivets or pads.
In order to avoid stain advisable not to leave on wine glass, or coloured fruits such as beetroot or strawberry for 24 hours because it might stains the worktop.
If you see that the sink started to change colour or stained such as coffee or tea put a little bleach in it fill up with water the sink and leave it overnight. The next day you will see your sink is back to normal.
To clean the worktop simply uses damp soapy cloth wipes it off and dry it off.