1. Overall Objective

our bathroom is often the smallest room in the house but equally with the largest number of items that need to go into it. Make sure you map out exactly what your expectations are for your new bathroom before you start the refurbishment.

2. Construction Work

It is possible to reposition walls to change the shape of your existing bathroom. This can give you the additional space you may feel necessary to install the sort of suite you are looking for.

3. Layout

The key factor in deciding whether this is viable though is to work out how many walls will need water and drainage. The more walls that require water and drainage the more expensive the plumbing work will be for your new installation. Three walls would be considered ideal, but two walls can still give a very good and spacious design.


4. Water Usage

The bathroom is an obvious major user of water. When starting your design, make sure you consider fixtures and fittings that can give you the most water efficient usage. Nowadays this can be done with no compromise on functionality, but you will see the benefits for years to come. Reduced water flush toilets and shower heads are two obvious examples where this should be considered.

5. Water Heating

It is normal for most houses in the UK to have some sort of boiler with a hot water tank or an instant hot water system. However, if you are completely renovating your bathroom, it may be an opportunity to consider alternative methods for heating which can include solar panels or underground pipes. There maybe grants and allowances on offer in your region to help people who want to go down this route.

6. entilation

There are strict rules when it comes to ventilation in your bathroom, and you must be certain that your design accommodates them. In reality though it is likely that your requirements will exceed the regulations when it comes to this aspect of the design. Making sure you have an effective way to extract the condensation from your bathroom will be vital in making the space effectively usable.

7. The Heating

There are a plethora of different styles of radiators that you can use in your bathroom. As an alternative you can consider under floor heating as well for that “cosy toe” feel when you walk in on a cold December morning. Remember that you will need somewhere to dry and warm towels though before opting for solely under floor heating. Warm toes will not make up for damp towels when you emerge from your luxurious bath.

8. The Flooring

Safety is the first thing that comes to mind when considering the right flooring for your bathroom. Non-slip, durable and non-porous are the main criteria here, and make sure that the flooring is sufficiently sealed to the walls when the installation is complete as any leaks and gaps will go unseen to start with and will only appear once real damage has been done.

9. The Lighting

As with ventilation there are strict regulations regarding lighting and if you are in any way unsure, then make sure you seek out a professional to help you in this area. In general though, you will need a mixture of lighting to effectively light the various sectors of the bathroom. The mirror and vanity areas will need brighter more functional lighting, whereas the room as a whole may have more subdued recessed lighting.

10. The Suite

This will be the focal point of your new bathroom, so choose wisely and make sure it both looks good and is functional. Test the bath out for comfort and make sure the shower cubicle is big enough for you to wash in without constantly bumping into either the walls or the door. Likewise, consider the cleaning of the suite as well. An ornate bath and vanity sink may look beautiful, but there may be plenty of nooks and crannies that dust and water can accumulate which will cause limescale and turn the once beautiful suite into a major cleaning project on a regular basis.

11. The Fixtures

There is a whole range of different fixtures you can choose from to go with your bathroom suite. Functionality as well as appearance are important and also make sure they are easy to keep clean. The bathroom is not a very sympathetic place when it comes to hiding dust and water marks

12. The Final Touches

Your bathroom should be a haven within your house and it can be the final touches such as the blinds or curtains as well as the small accessories that will make it stand out. Time spent getting it right at the start of the process will reap the rewards your are looking for at the end of it.


We hope you have found our list interesting and informative. If you are looking to have your bathroom re-designed then we would be delighted to assist you in anyway we can. Please feel free to contact us using the details above and we will happily arrange a time to visit and help you create the bathroom you have always dreamed of.