Having given you ideas tips on how to re-design your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, we at Heart of the Home are now going to embark on a series of articles, looking in a bit more depth into the appliances and equipment that you will undoubtedly have in these rooms. We will be starting in the kitchen and our first study is on Ovens.

You have made the decision to upgrade your kitchen and with that the appliances that go with it. Your oven has served you well over the years, but you feel you have earned, no deserve, a new one. All you have to do is work out the size of the space you have allocated for the oven, what cooking method it will use and of course, it must be self-clean! That’s all there is to it? I am afraid not. The advance is technology and innovation have not bypassed the Oven manufacturers and there is now a plethora of other factors that you should consider when opting for your new Oven.

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Fan Cooking

Circulating hot air around the oven eliminates the need for top shelf or bottom shelf decisions when baking and roasting. The circulating air will get the oven to temperature quicker, and reduce cooking times.


Some ovens now come with a defrost function built in. Warm air is gently circulated around the oven, defrosting your food quickly and hygienically, in up to half the time of normal defrosting and with no fear that the food will be partially cooked as can happen when trying to use a microwave.

Turbo Grilling

This option gives an authentic spit roast effect and flavour to your food without the rotisserie aspect or the mess. The grill heats from the top element and the fan circulates this heat, sealing and crisping the food. This is ideal for roasting joints of meat for that mouth watering taste.

Bottom Heat

Heat from the bottom of the oven ensures crisp pastry bases for pies and pastries, and is also perfect for reheating food as well as keeping plates warm.

Top Heat

If your food needs browning or crisping up, then the ability to change the cooking direction to top only will finish off the shepherds pie or lasagne perfectly.

Slow Cook

Cooked over a longer time period, food is initially sealed at a higher heat before the temperature is reduced automatically to tenderise the ingredients. This is perfect for slow cooked roast dinners or casseroles for the working family who want a hearty meal ready for when they return from work.

Keep Warm

The hectic lifestyle that people tend to lead nowadays often precludes them from all sitting down together to eat their meals. The microwave has long been the staple for reheating food, but the end results, whilst hot (and in some places scorching), is never that pleasing on the eye. This option will keep the oven at a constant 80 degrees which is an ideal temperature for keeping food warm whilst still holding in the moisture.

Eco Roasting

Just weigh your joint and select the appropriate cooking time and leave the oven to do the rest. The oven will monitor the cooking process adjusting the temperature to ensure a perfectly cooked roast joint without the need for constantly checking its progress. The oven will turn itself off when complete and let you know it is ready to be served.

Fast Heat Up

The oven is one of the larger users of electricity and anything that can reduce this usage will not only save you money, but will be kinder on the environment. Fast Heat Up will reduce the amount of time the oven is switched on and as such reduces your power usage.

Moist Fan Baking

Sealing moisture into the oven during the cooking process, this option enables you to bake perfectly light fluffy sponges and soufflés.


Deciding which oven you want is now a complex decision. The list above only scratches the surface of the options that are open to buyers at the moment and there are plenty more to consider as well.
All of the options above are available on AEG ovens , and at Heart of the Home we can supply and advise you of the right oven for you and for your kitchen. If you would like to find out more about the ovens we can supply and the service we offer please do not hesitate to give us a call. We would be delighted to hear from you.