The bathroom can be one of the harder rooms in the house to design creatively for two simple reasons. Firstly, it tends to be one of the smaller rooms in any home; and secondly, the necessary items for the room will take up a larger percentage of the available space.

It is almost natural to treat the design of a bathroom as completely different to the rest of the house. Most often white or a light colour permeates throughout the design with futuristic fixtures and fittings that often bear no resemblance to the designs within other rooms. The most eye-catching bathrooms though look to treat the bathroom as an extension of the home in design terms, with fixtures that match and splashes of colour carried through to make the bathroom feel part of the home rather than a sci-fi add-on.

In terms of luxury, there is nothing that can match a free-standing bath if room permits. Take care to match up the taps with the style of the bath and as always with a feature such as this, it is wise to “try before you buy”. Technology now exists that will enable to you dim lights within your bathroom and create a relaxing, peaceful and tranquil environment and the correct use of fabrics can further enhance this.


Storage and lighting are two aspects of bathroom design that can be a challenge. Take advantage of the full height of your room and use the upper shelves in the cabinets for lesser used items. In addition ensure that the lighting you install achieves both your design aims and is functional. A mixture of up-lighting and down-lighting will be necessary especially in the sink area where even light and minimal shadows will be required.

The bathroom also has the potential to include ecologically friendly devices which would always be sensible additions to any home. Timer controlled towel warmers can save electricity, and there are many innovations in shower and toilet designs that can reduce water usage and make your bathroom that much “greener”. Not only will you feel good luxuriating in your new bathroom but you can do so in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the environment as well.