With the rigours of day to day life becoming ever greater, there is a requirement to have a room in your home that you can use to shut out the outside world and have as your little haven of peace and tranquillity. The bedroom falls perfectly into this category and people are taking advantage of the opportunity to redesign their bedrooms which this thought very much in mind. There are three key factors to consider when it comes to redesigning your bedroom.


Green is meant to be the colour for 2013, but the cold nature of this colour may put people off using it in a bedroom. Light pastel shades though, will always be popular, as they are relaxing and easy on the eye and give off an aura of peacefulness. Accent colours in the shape of throws and pillows will give you that necessary burst of colour to give the whole room that added touch of glamour. Natural woods for wardrobes, cabinets and drawers will complement the pastel colour scheme effectively and will enhance tranquil feelings that your bedroom will exude.


The bedroom needs the whole range of lighting types covering effective working lighting around mirrors through to peaceful dimmed light in the sleeping area. Making use of the natural light your bedroom has is also very important. Life is nowadays so busy that your bedroom can become a retreat away from the chaos, and effective lighting contributes massively in achieving this goal.

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If you choose not to embark upon a construction project for your bedroom, then you are pretty much limited by the size and shape of your existing room when it comes to your bespoke bedroom design. This though should not stop you extracting the maximum from the room no matter what the size and shape. Your bedroom should feel airy and spacious, so utilise the maximum form your fitted units to achieve this. Technology and design ideas will let you make the most of even the smallest bedroom and your preferred fitted bedroom designer will be able to advise you on the best types of units to install that will let you maximise your space and really make your fitted bedroom something to be proud of.
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