We may be in spring, at long last, but there isn’t much of a spring in the step of the economy right now, so kitchen designs are following the safe and solid route of clean styles with neutral finishes. This offers the home owner longevity whilst updating their kitchens and bringing them into the 21st Century. Flamboyance is appearing in the final touches of a kitchen design and not at the foundations of a project which customers are looking for these solid designs that age well and can be adapted as styles change in the future.

If the cabinets, worktops and flooring are remaining solid and somewhat basic, the opposite can be said of the kitchen appliance market, which is responding to what seems like the worldwide desire of people to have the newest gadgets. Interest in things such as induction cooking is growing rapidly as is all of the smaller easily changed gadgets that you always see scattered around a new kitchen.

The other area of growing interest in kitchen design is lighting. Customers are taking the opportunity to explore lighting options to a much greater extent than ever before. Up-lighters, down-lighters, LED, halogen bulbs are all viable options within a kitchen and all have something to offer in different areas within this room. The other factor that inevitably links into the lighting of your kitchen is the natural light that you have in the room and the use of mirrors and glass which will make the room feel more spacious and open.

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Whites, off-whites and natural colours are still the market leaders when it comes to colour schemes for a new fitted kitchen, with splashes of accent colours on items that are readily changeable as styles and fashions evolve.

Whilst form is appealing, it must however, never get in the way of function. The need for your new kitchen to be functional is always going to be paramount, and this is where an experienced professional kitchen designer will come to the fore. Find the right Company to help you design your new kitchen and it will be both time and money well spent.