Wood worktops

Wood Worktops

Wooden worktops are made with strips of wood joined together; they are hardwearing with correct care. Natural wood has a one-of-a kind texture and appearance. A hardwood worktop works in nearly every style of kitchen. Whether your home is a rustic farmhouse or an ultra-modern apartment, hardwood can provide a surface that is versatile yet beautiful. Wooden worktops offer reliability as well. Stains or scratches can be easily repaired with sanding and oil.

Wood worktops

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  • Natural look, great for use with Belfast Sinks.
  • Only surface that will not damage knives.
  • Can be shaped to any design.
  • It can be sanded if is been scratched.


  • Fairly expensive.
  • Burn marks left by hot pans.
  • High maintenance.
  • Can be unhygienic if used for food preparation.
  • Is not water resistant.
Care for wood worktops:

Never use multi-purpose cleaning products that contain chemical cleaning agent’s especially scouring powder.
Always use chopping board.
Hot pans, rough-bottomed objects and wet items should not be placed directly on the surface.
They can be sanded and treated on regular bases with oil such as Danish Oil, Linseed Oil, Teak Oil and Tung Oil in order to maintain the wood worktop in its original condition.
Never apply varnish or paint to a surface that may be used to prepare food always use chopping board.
Don’t allow liquids to stand for any period of time.
Sink area should be cared for.